UCF Policies and Procedures


Remote Work Arrangements EP-20-6.1

Policy Administration

2-001.6 University Policy Development

Human Resources and Employee Benefits

2-002.3 University Holidays

2-011 Vice President and Non-Faculty Emeritus Status

3-001.3 University Benefits for Retired Employees

3-002.3 Salary Overpayment Penalty

3-003.4 Deductions from Salary of Exempt Employees

3-008.3 Employment of Relatives

3-010.2 Eligibility for Overtime Compensation

3-011 Background Checks

3-013 Non-Student Hourly Other Personnel Services (OPS) Employment

3-014 Career Advancement Policy

3-112.3 Additions to Salary of Exempt Employees for Special Events

3-128 University Volunteers

3-132 UCF Identification Cards and Badges

3-402.2 Response to Job-Related Employee Illness or Injury

3-505.3 Payment of Relocation

Legal, Compliance, and Administration

2-003 Records Management

2-004.3 Nondiscrimination Policy

2-005.2 Youth Protection

2-006 Digital Accessibility

2-008.1 Internal Control Policy

2-009.1 Gifts and Honoraria

2-010 Whistle-blower Determination and Investigation Policy

2-012.3 Title IX Grievance Policy

2-014 Amorous Relationships Prohibition

2-015 Reporting Requirements Related to Nondiscrimination

2-016 Remedial Measures, Prevention, & Education Related to Nondiscrimination

2-100.6 Florida Public Records Act: Scope and Compliance

2-101.2 University Regulation Development

2-102.5 Contract Review

2-103.3 Use of Copyrighted Material

2-104.2 Retention of External Legal Counsel

2-105.3 Identity Theft Prevention

2-106.2 Communication with Prosecuting Authority

2-107.8 Contract Signature Authority

2-207.1 Licensing and Use of University-owned Copyrighted Materials and Trademarks

2-208 Direct Support Organization (DSO) External Auditor Selection

2-600.1 Political and Campaign Activities

2-700.2 Reporting Misconduct and Protection from Retaliation

2-701 Drug-Free Schools and Workplace Policy

2-800.2 Fraud Prevention and Detection

2-900.1 International Academic Agreements

2-901.2 UCF Policy for All Foreign Nationals

2-902.1 Study Abroad Programs

2-903.3 International Travel

3-115.2 Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

3-119.2 Weapons on University Property and at University Events

3-120.1 University Smoke-Free Policy

4-505.2 Reporting of Substantive Change

Contracts, Grants, and Purchasing

3-107.2 Procurement, Use, and Possession of Hazardous Materials and Regulated Devices and Equipment

3-302.3 Printing Services

Advancement and Development

2-202.2 UCF Foundation Donor Solicitation and Recognition

6-002.1 Public Information and Media Relations

Facilities and Safety

3-100.3 Building Evacuation

3-101.1 Building Liaison

3-104.3 Display of United States, State of Florida, and UCF Flags

3-105.1 University Access Control

3-106 Maintenance, Repair, and Housekeeping

3-108.1 Safe Combinations and Access

3-109.3 Building Code Compliance

3-110.2 University Insurance

3-111.4 Energy and Water Efficiency

3-114 New Construction, Remodeling, and Renovation Projects

3-115.2 Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

3-116.1 Emergency Notification (UCF ALERT System)

3-117.2 Continuity of Operations (COOP)

3-118.1 Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

3-119.2 Weapons on University Property and at University Events

3-122.1 Campus Safety and Health Policy

3-123.1 University Landscape Planning, Design, and Installation

3-125.1 Real Estate Transactions

3-126.1 Comprehensive Space Management

3-127 Security Cameras

3-130 Fire Prevention Policy

3-303.1 University-Controlled Utilities and Interconnections

3-400.3 Non-Research Animals on Campus

3-401.1 Bomb Threat or Suspicious Item

3-404 Behavioral Assessment & Response

3-506.1 Missing Student Notifications

3-507.1 Designations of Personnel for Emergencies


2-205.2 Spending of UCF Foundation Funds

3-121.1 Electronic Funds Transfer Policy

3-200.2 Receipt and Deposit of Funds by Departments; Types of Funds Accepted

3-205.3 Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

3-206.5 Credit Card Merchant Policy

3-207.2 Departmental Authorization Lists

3-209.2 Concessions Funds

3-210 Expenditure of University Funds

3-211 University Budget Process

3-212 Allocation and Use of Education and General Carry Forward Funds

Technology and Communications

4-001.2 Retention Requirements for Electronic Mail

4-002.5 Use of Information Technologies and Resources

4-003.2 Telecommunications Services

4-005.2 Special Collections & University Archives

4-006.2 Broadcast Distribution of Electronic Mail

4-007.1 Security of Mobile Computing, Data Storage, and Communication Devices

4-008.2 Data Classification and Protection

4-009.4 Cellular Telephone Acquisition and Use

4-010.1 Student Email Policy

4-011.1 Radio Frequency Spectrum

4-012.1 Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers

4-013.1 Telecommunications Equipment Room and Telecommunications Utility Vault Security and Access

4-014 Procurement and Use of Cloud Computing and Data Storage Services

4-015 Information Security Incident Response

4-016.1 Email Provisioning, De-provisioning, and Use Policy

4-017 Enterprise Directory Governance


4-202.2 Human Research Protections

4-209 Export Control Policy

4-210.1 Distinguishing Gifts from Sponsored Awards

4-211.1 Research Misconduct Policy

4-212 Time and Effort Certification on Sponsored Research, Training, and Service Awards

4-214.1 Proposal and Acceptance of Sponsored Awards for Research and Development

4-215.1 Use of Research Space by Third-Parties and UCF Employees for non-UCF Purposes

4-217 Controlled Unclassified Information

4-504.3 Reporting Outside Activities, Financial Interests, and Potential Conflicts of Interest or Conflicts of Commitment in Research

Academic Affairs

2-209.1 Privately Funded Named Faculty and Academic Leadership Positions

4-400.3 Final Exams

4-401.2 Make-Up Assignments For Authorized University Events or Co-curricular Activities

4-402.1 Grading Policy

4-403.3 Required Elements of the Course Syllabus

4-405.2 Coursepacks

4-407.1 Academic Program Review

4-408 Honorary Degrees

4-409 Awarding Academic Credit

4-410 Comprehensive Post Tenure Review

4-506 Continuing Education Courses and Programs

Student Affairs

3-115.2 Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

3-119.2 Weapons on University Property and at University Events

4-404.1 Awarding of Degrees Posthumously

4-406.1 Degree Revocation

6-001.2 Financial Assistance for Students

Faculty Affairs

4-202.1 Human Research Protections

4-502.4 Faculty Emeritus Status

4-505.2 Reporting of Substantive Change